Monday 4 March 2013

Architetti: mai sentito parlare di Christopher Alexander?

Postato l'altro giorno su AlumniPolimi - Politecnico di Milano, il gruppo LinkedIn degli Alumni del Polimi:
Una domanda per gli Architetti, su una questione che mi ha spesso incuriosito.
Avete mai sentito parlare di Christopher Alexander?
Il Sig. Alexander è un architetto, che pare sia più o meno sconosciuto tra gli architetti, ma le cui idee e intuizioni hanno avuto un'influenza enorme sull'informatica moderna, direi probabilmente fondamentale per quanto riguarda lo sviluppo di software. 

© Sajjad Afzal-Woodward, Christopher Alexander leading the workshop on creating the generative code for a new neighbourhood of houses at Strood Sept 2005, September 2005. Copyleft: This is a free work, you can copy, distribute, and modify it under the terms of the Free Art License 
Christopher Wolfgang Alexander (born October 4, 1936 in Vienna, Austria) is an architect noted for his theories about design, and for more than 200 building projects in California, Japan, Mexico and around the world. Reasoning that users know more about the buildings they need than any architect could, he produced and validated (in collaboration with Sarah Ishikawa and Murray Silverstein) a "pattern language" designed to empower anyone to design and build at any scale. Alexander is often overlooked by texts in the history and theory of architecture because his work intentionally disregards contemporary architectural discourse. As such, Alexander is widely considered to occupy a place outside the discipline, the discourse, and the practice of Architecture. ...

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