Sunday 2 August 2009

A comment on unblocked Sicilian money

A comment to the Boastful Silvio Berlusconi buys off his party rebels article on the Guardian:

One of the key words on the article, is to unblock.

Also in Italian media, very little is made of the fact that this €4bn that the PM is allegedly throwing to Sicily, were to begin with already allotted to Sicily on the government balancy sheet.

Moreover, even more little is made of the fact that the total amount of money in that specific government account, €18bn, was fully pledged to areas south of Rome, but that the Italian version of the chancellor of the exchequer had instead used it as a sort of ATM, to get money to spend and invest in the north of the country.

The true scandal is not that Mr. Berlusconi is allegedly throwing money to Sicily, far from it, but that it was up to members and allies of Mr. Berlusconi's government, Mr. Micciché and Mr. Lombardo, to force the government to unblock the Sicilian money.

Where was the opposition? How anyone is supposing to steer the Sicilian electorate away from Mr. Berlusconi, if they aren't able even to clamour when the government is siphoning away even the few resources it still pledges to the island?

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