Tuesday 26 February 2008

Remember the license, remember

Have you ever got any issue with the license of a command line tool?
Well, I've got one that caused me to loose half a day!
The tool I am using is PsExec, part of the Windows Sysinternals suite.

Wonderful suite, but when you use for the first time most of its tools, a dialog like this appears:

If you are working interactively, that's obviously not an issue, you read the license, you print it if you wish so, and then you freely decide if agreeing or not, but what if you are not in interactive mode? What if psExec is being used by some service, which is running using the Local System Account?

Yeah, probably after loosing half a day you will have an intuition, and you will log on as Local System (i.e. like i did here) to accept that license, but possibly you will not, and you will go on banging your head on why in earth that service is running perfectly in machine1, but stop to work somewhere in the middle in machine2.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ale,
with other Sysinternals tools i remember there were two choices:
-copy the registry key from another machine (EulaAccepted): Unfortunately it seems that the key is in the current_user tree so adding to localmachine could be difficult
-use a command line option for bypassing eula.. i dont know if it's documented (and if it's present in every sysinternal tool)

NC (from i.l.i.)